now offers the Les Bosher Bolex PL Mount Hard Front. This part is now available to complement any Super 16mm Conversion. Click here to download PDF of the Bolex Camera Manual.

Please note we only rent Bolex cameras and accessories and are located in the Los Angeles Metro area. We do ship rentals across the country. Please contact us for Bolex rx4, rx5 , sbm camera rentals for film work or as camera props. Bolex cameras now available for rental in Super 16mm film format.

We have over 40 years of BOLEX experience and has a complete Stock of Parts and Accessories for sale. Sanford Camera Repair specializes in BOLEX Motion Picture Cameras and the one place you will need to go to if you need service or repair for your Bolex Camera.

Throughout the world, Bolex Cameras have acquired a reputation for unrivalled quality. Made in Switzerland the H16 SBM Reflex is the most advanced and comprehensive model in the Bolex arsenal of professional cameras. It's robust construction and size ensures excellent performance under all conditions.

Today Bolex Cameras are used by MTV music video directors, professional commercial directors and documentary film makers. They have come to know the excellent quality, precision and craftsmandship of Bolex. Now with the introduction of a Bolex Bayonet to PL Mount and Super 16mm, Bolex will allow you to affordably shoot that next project to high definition 16x9 , digital video transfer, or film blow up to 35mm. Click here for previously owned cameras.


Cut costs, save time, and increase revenue by utilizing a Bolex SBM Super 16mm Camera. Customize your camera with a sync motor, and PL Mount. For the cost of a few weeks rental you can own the camera! Nikon Mount, and C Mount adaptor included when you buy the Bolex music video package. Please also see our affiliate site regarding small format cameras.

The PL Mount and Super 16mm conversion has proven quite popular with cameraman looking to distingush their work. Can you afford to shoot video when the competition uses film? This package is a cost effective way to save money when building a commercial reel, spec spot or need a camera on the run.

Rigid and precise construction means dependable service. Science and industrry demand cameras that will hold up to stress or inclimate weather 24/7/365. Camera Technical Specs and information.

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contact us today to inquire about our 2 day introductory cinematography course and Bolex Moving Film Camera training session.

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